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2021 Recap

Hello everyone! 2021 was a crazy busy year and there’s lots to remember. This has a number of collages sharing both fun events and photos I’m proud of!
*Note: not all of these photos are mine. A couple are taken by friends and included to show events from a different perspective 🙂
Here they are!

The left is my favorite cardinal photo, and the other some moss.
At the start of the year I went to an awesome LotR viewing party with some friends!
This classic dog in the snow photo is a Febuary favorite!
In March I took tons of photos. These were during a spring rain.
I took my cousin Mindys graduation photos!
I also had the opportunity to take my other cousins engagement photos. I absolutely love the results and getting to take engagement photos was a real treat!!
SpringtimeMoon photos.
The first of many summer and spring parties, Mindy and Annies combined birthday party was full of cozy singing, dancing and hugs!
April moments!
2 litters of baby bunnies brought me great joy and countless snuggles ❤ ❤ ❤
My cousin Mindy’s graduation party was full of wonderful people and idyllic scenery!
A spring visit to see friends was full of lots of fun, puppies, a photoshoot and staying up till 4 am (bottom left)
In June I went to the Lake Ontario! (bottom right and middle)
Meanwhile plants were busy growing.
I spent a week with my grandparents in July. Trapsing around the farm was awesome and obviously I love having the animals around to photograph.
The Moyer-Dages family get-together was bittersweet, as we lost out precious pup Jeremy then. Thought we still made wonderful memories.
The annual Owen stay was as always so much fun, especially exploring the waterway under the house (top left)!
The summer/spring was also busy learning lots on the farm. I strung up hundreds of tomatoes and spent many hours in the hoop house and sunshine!
I got to meet one of my internet besties Dylan!!! It was an absolute shock to everyone! I may have cried.
My sister graduated and the party was of course epic!!
I got the chance to photograph a stunning lily garden and bees at a lavender farm during this year.
This was one of my best athletic years! I ran my first 5K, and biked to work lots (as well as with my dad).
The fair was for sure a yearly highlight. I got reserve champion showman for my meat pen, which is a big deal for me!
My birthday landed on my friends graduation parties and turned out to be the most amazing day. I totally got spoiled by all my sweet friends. Thank you for sharing your amazing super awesome party with me Annie ❤ I love you all!!!
Our last year staying at the cottage was wonderful. But it was so sad to say goodbye. I know I’lll treasure every moment there, especially our last stay 😦
^ some fun fall photos.
The cousin who I took engagement photos of got married!!! I loved walked around the reception and photographing them. Since I wasn’t the official photographer I had lots of fun both taking photos and hanging out with my now “cousins.”
A fall highlight was for sure another trip to visit New York friends. ❤
I did some more short hikes this year (right) and we had a picnic with friends(left)!
And I got to meet another internet friend ❤ Margaret is as fantastic online as irl ❤ 10/10 will remember this fondly and I can’t wait to see her again!!
Becoming president of the 4-H club in October was very scary but here I am still alive in January.
Another big fall change was quitting dance. This was my last performance 😦
These are 3 of the new animals I bought this year! My lovely doe Winter, and my 2 boars Plum (top left) and Latte (bottom left)
A good way to celebrate Christmas was with a party and a gift exchange with freinds. Sadly I don’t have any photos of the last bit but here are some party photos.
And the last events of the year were a Christmas filled visit with family (left) and seeing the newest Spiderman in theater (right)!

With that, we come to the end of 2021! Now onto 2022 friends!!!
Ps. I’d love to hear if your year was happy or more sad in the comments!


2 Replies to “2021 Recap”

  1. Lovely post!
    I definitely had a great time this year too!
    It was fun to be able to scroll through your year!
    Some of which brought back great memories of my own!

    Liked by 1 person

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