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Editing is an adventure

Hello 🙂

I’ve been silent on here for a while but that’s not because I’ve forgotten about this ‘lil place. I’ve just been working on playing with my editing with Gimp lately. It’s hard to work with a new program and I am definitely not good at it yet, I’ll get there eventually…maybe. I’m trying but dang Gimp has so many complicated features!

Here are 3 recent editing practice photos. They all have plenty of flaws but that’s learning!

Sorry, they’re all autumn photos! I took a bunch of nice photos this autumn and left them for later😂

Ps. click on them to see full-sized versions

This photo was tough because it’s not actually too interesting to start with. I adjusted the color and wanted to adjust the middle because it was overexposed. Unfortunately, the lasso tool left awkward bright spots. Also, the white line on the bottom appeared because I didn’t line the photo up correctly.

A gorgeous view from a trail near my house. I’m actually pretty happy with this one. It’s still rather flat but I liked what I did with selecting the background and editing just those colors. Don’t know if the purple in the photo would be missed if I somehow got it out of the background but I feel like it would be improved to not have it.

I was excited for this one. I turned up the color and warmth on the main photo then specially selected the bench and made that even warmer. I wanted it to feel cozy. I also cropped a good amount so the bench was not center which is why it’s not super clear. Maybe I could have fixed that, I’ll have to try next time.

There ya have it! Three recent editing learning adventures. Here’s to getting better 🍻

Love ya all
-Heidi ❤


2 Replies to “Editing is an adventure”

  1. I like them all. I know a professional wildlife photographer and will see if she would accept you as a friend. She has photos on calendars .

    Keep up the great work.
    Love ya!

    Liked by 1 person

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