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Tea and Twinkle Lights

Hello all! This May two of my cousins, my sister, and I got the fantastic opportunity to help out a dressmaker with a new idea.
She is planning to start a service where people can come and have a tea party in the woods in stunning historical gowns(twinkle lights and flowers involved!)! We got to be the “testers” of this wonderful time.
Sounds pretty great right? Well, it was WAY better than it sounds. I hope these photos do the experience justice!
Dressmaker and designer:

The preparations

Historical dresses do take some time to put on, but never fear Sara and Mindy are wonderful helpers.

Lacing up!

Dress reveals and photo time

After everyone was ready we got photos in our gowns!! They felt like a dream and even the non-histority lovers were in love!

Pc: Ensembles of the Past
My lovely gown, 1880-90s style.
Brooke’s civil war era gown.
Just for art.
Ahhh can the light get any better???
Behind the scenes…just because I can 🙂
The ladies of the house.
A golden hour stroll.
Ahhhh broken and golden hour? This is my dreams come true!

The woodland tea

Carrying dishes in our gowns,
The table!!!
Our hostest made the tastiest little muffins and quiches!!
The tea was really good too!
Isn’t this just so perfectly whimsical?!

As it got darker it only became more magical

Ahhhh just look at it…pure delight.
They are so good😍
The table was just so peaceful and calming with the music and lights!!

Of course, even the best times must end but it wasn’t without some of its own magic

Well, that’s it for now, I am already working on the next post which will hopefully be up soon. So keep your eyes out. Please check out Ensembles of the Past and Schofield Acres!


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