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Autumn post #3 (a walk in the woods during fall)

Hello everyone! This is sadly my last autumn post (oh and an addition to the “A walk in the woods” series) and was taken in the woods near our house a few weeks ago. It is now sadly almost barren up there but I got pictures so it’s not so bad! πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

Summers learning to walk on a leash, its a funny thing and a lot for her to get used to! She keeps trying to bound ahead and is so confused and scared at why she can’t get ahead of me!
I love how the back round blends with the present in this!
A leaf hangs, frozen in midair. It is waiting, but waiting for what? The sun dawns, and slowly makes it’s way across the sky, evening comes and it slips down to bed and still the leaf waits. And prehaps…prehaps it shall always be there…waiting.

Crunchy leaves beneath my feet
Tumbling to the path
Storms blow through as autumn comes
A taste of nature’s wrath

Brilliant red, orange and yellow
Leaves that the wild wind blows
It’s nature’s way of showing us
Summer has come to a close

As summer turns to autumn
The crispy days revisit
A chill now in the nighttime hours
But the colors are so exquisite!

Marilyn Lott
I left her in the grass with the harness on for practice while I went on the walk…someone was not happy about that.

Thank you SO SO much for reading this post!!! And remember for small bloggers like me comments mean to world to us so consider brightening my (or any other lovely bloggers) day! Thanks so much as as always, God bless and stay safe!


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