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Jim Thorpe Pa – A tour of my favorite spots

Hello everyone! Today I’m giving a short virtual tour of some of my favorite shops in the town of Jim Thorpe. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a small tourist town nestled in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. It used to be called Mauch Chunk. But when the famous athlete Jim Thorpe died and his family was looking for a place to bury him, Mauch Chunk volunteered. They then took on his name and you can find lots of history about him, as well as a memorial and celebrations every year at his birthday.

It’ a charming town, full of beautiful scenery, kind shop owners, and greenery. So I hope you enjoy this little tour!

Side note: these are not all the shops I love, but it is what was open and what I had to time to take photos off.

Starting off we have the fantastic library!
It has a BALCONY!
The garden area outside of the library is so cute and a nice place to sit and read!
This is the main street, idyllic right?
The fact that there are trees makes it so much better!
We aren’t heading inside this shop,but this is Seller’s Gently Used Books. It’s a great little shop, crammed with books of every kind!
Well this is my basic photo! I got a candle, some gum, and a iced chai tea (from Muggles Mug, it was divine).
Don’t forget to check out Race St.
Now we enter Naturally Yours. This is a delightful shop that again I highly recommend going into.
I can personally verify that these candles are amazing!!!
Locally made soaps.

Thank you for reading! Have you ever been to Jim Thorpe? What is your favorite shop?
As always God bless you and stay safe!



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