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More macro nature photos, part 2

Hey everyone! I promised you more macro nature shots and here they are! I love nature photos so much! I would much rather look at a intricately designed leaf than someone’s shoes 😉

So I hope you enjoy seeing more nature photos and please as always pop in the comments and say hi! Now go see those photos! 🙂

This is the wonderful view of one side of my hill!♥
Is there anything more beautiful than a fern? These are truly some of my favorite plants ever!
See if you can find the ant going about his work!
Wood textures
A little maple tree, creating shade and refuge to tiny creatures and of course the fairies.
Some gorgeous peonies
A pack of phlox’s
I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever I see foxgloves I think of “The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck”. Those stories will never die!♥
A Queen Anna’s lace flower reaching to the sun.

There you have it! That’s all the photos for today! I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know your favorite below! As always God bless you and stay safe!


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