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Macro nature {some of my best yet!} Part 1

Hey everyone! I’m back with some more photos. I have another post I’m going to put out in a week or two of some more nature photos I’ve gotten. For now though, please enjoy these photos!

Appreciate the little things, even if it means appreciating a weed!
Kale from my garden!
A volunteer watermelon
Asparagus from my garden. I think it makes the perfect artsy photo.
Phlox from my hill.
This is on a old tree stump. I call it my moss spot and I have a collection of small things with moss I put on there.
And last. One of my very favorite photos. I love this one! It’s a little tree trying bravely to grow on a mossy board.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end. Please visit again next week for another post. God bless you and stay safe!♥


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