Remembering a special dog

Hello everyone 🙂
Recently my families 17 year old dog passed away. His name was Jeremy (sometimes called Jeremy Fisher after the book) He was utterly devoted to my mom, as well as little and gentle.
So please join me in remembering a little fluffy dog!

First we’ve got some OLD photos. I certainly didn’t take this but its in here anyways.
He was such a active and obedient pup.
Sweet but very clingy!
I remember taking this one at Christmas time 2018.
On our lake vacation
I decided to include this one with my sister and him. He was the perfect size to be a lap pup.
First photo of him with my DSLR.
Mom and Dad and their favorite child.
Golden boi
Cassie and Jeremy were best buds!!!
Lastly heres Jeremy sleeping on my moms lap. He was never happier ❤

Thank you for reading this post! I appreciate it since this is normally for nice photos and the quality isn’t very good here.
As always God bless and stay safe!
I loved you Jeremy, sweet old boy ❤

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