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Visiting my friends

Hello all! This post is a collection of photos from visiting my awesome friends the Owens. They are so nice and fantastic so staying with them for a few days was wonderful!!! In this post not only do you see the Owens but also puppies and other random friends popping up. Enjoy!!!


They were SO sweet to hold and ah I just about melted (way more than once)
AHHH aren’t they just amazing?! And to think they’re cuter now!!!
Olivia (the mom) is such a good girl!

Random friends

Feel that wind? Thats the coolness of Annie and Stephan.
And here ladies and gentle men is the most fantastic baby I know! His name is Ransom ❤ ❤ ❤
Again Stephan being cool.

Tusday evening

After spying the glories of the sunset I rushed outside to photography excitedly.
Dandelion fire.
Piper is just the best, and a fantastic model! Happy late birthday to you Piper!
Poppppcorn!!! *star eyes*
And teaaaaaaa *star eyes get larger*
Thank you to whoever kindly held the mug for these (I totally forgot sorry!!!)
‘lil Ransom

Girls day

Up first was Barnes and Nobels where I had the brilliant idea to make it SEEM like Millie was getting married. Of course we added in some humorous things too!
Heres Annika modeling with Charles Dickens.
These classics were just AMAZING, if we hadn’t gotten a no no for photography we would have taken more pictures with them.
Look at that facial glow!!!
Here I present the bookworm in her native habitat.
No acting here she truly does love reading.
Studious and serious.
Not so studious now.
Now we have the adrenaline junkie in her native habitat (old rail way tracks)
Pure sincerity in that smile.
Thank you for being such a willing model Annie, it’s sooo nice!!!
Corynn!!! Ack how did I end up with so many LOVELY friends?!
Grin Twins
Look at these lovely Owen sisters!
Making them laugh was SO hard /s
Corynn had really mastered the model stride I gotta say.
And here is Annie having at it on the rock bridge support.

Girls Sleepover

The grand end of our visit was a sleepover which had, my cousin, my sister, Corynn, the 5 oldest Owen girls and I.
The sleepover was full of chocolate, a good movie and giggles. All the smart people were asleep around 2 am.
This devious duo nae saw a lick of sleep the entire night. They spent a bunch of time making up silly lyrics to a song and bursting into laughter.
When I went to sleep. Yikes!

There you have it my photo journal of our fantastic visit! Thanks for reading and I hope so see you again soon!
God bless and stay safe!


10 Replies to “Visiting my friends”

  1. Wow! These pictures are stunning! Great job as always Heidi!
    Ahhh I’m soooo jealous! But we are truly blessed to have these wonderful people as friends, no matter how far away some of us are.

    Liked by 3 people

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