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Spring rain

Hello all! Today’s post is from a soggy adventure to capture the beauty of rain. I’ve had them for a while now but I’m finally putting them up (thought I’m no where near as late as my friend Millie hehe)! Yay!
I also have a recommended song to listen to while you scroll through. It’s basically my childhood in a song,
At the end I’ll tell you were it’s from but give it a guess in the comments first.
Psss slow down with this post, otherwise you’ll be done in a second and the song will still be playing on!

The way the raindrops sparkle on the trees…*contented sigh* Rain +spring really makes for the most beautiful thing doesn’t it?
Ok now for the song, guessed?
It’s from….Beatrix Potter! It’s the intro song!
God bless and stay safe!


9 Replies to “Spring rain”

    1. The joy of photography doesn’t rest of talent, it rests on capturing the moments you want to stay for forever. I actually have a secret theory that us photographers are the most sentimental creatures because we have to keep the memories for forever. 😉
      Anyhow thank you for your kind words!!!

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  1. I agree Heidi! One of the reasons I briefly considered pursuing photography was so that I could capture moments in time that I might never be able to experience again. So it makes me happy to see that people like you and Millie are able to do just that!
    Beautiful pictures as always! Yay rain!!!! You know what that means…. Clouds! Wish it was snow though…😭

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  2. What a lovely post!
    I love the idea off adding a song to listen to as you scroll through! (and yes so many memories in that tune.)
    I have found myself doing more photography lately! It truly makes you pause and appreciate the little stuff of life!
    I love seeing all the special things you find!!!

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