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Longwood gardens Christmas 2021

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend was fantastic! Mine was pretty fun since Friday I went with my mom to Longwood gardens. I’ve posted about going there twice before and I thought this one would be interesting because of posting about Longwood at Christmas before.
If you’re interested in seeing that post here it is. (btw I think i’ve definetly improved which makes it fun to look back on these)

I hope you’ll enjoy this post since its longer than usual, I tried sincerely to narrow it down but it was very hard!
So without further adieu enjoy!
Ps. This post is pretty cozy so you might want to grab some tea and a blanket or pet! ❤

I learned a fascinating new fact, prickly pear cactus die down like this every year and then come right back up!!!! Isn’t that amazing?
I’m kinda in love with this one for some reason…
This might be hard to believe but these are the bathrooms. Yeah really. Gorgeous right???
See the little dancer in this orchid?
I love these tiny orchids!!! Plus they’re purple so yeah AMAZING!
Red anthuriums
An air plant wall. Aren’t the tiny balls SO cute???
Percy one of the resident mousers.
My mother <333
They had open fires to warm yourselves by all around. On a cold night these are AMAZING!
This is a stranger who got in my photo. I ended up really liking it.
Playing around with shutter speed.
They decorated this lone green tree and placed it far from the others in a field, I LOVE it! It’s super weird and creepy.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed seeing this post.

Have you ever been to Longwood gardens?
Have a special Christmas experience to share?

I love to hear from you! So please comment and tell me your thoughts.
Stay safe and God bless you!


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