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Extraordinary Homemade Christmas Chocolate!

Hello everyone!
You may remember my post gushing about chocolates back in September If you do kudos to you! These are made by the same guys who made those fantasy chocolate and let me say somehow THESE ARE BETTER!!! Somehow they did it and made them better!!!
Hehe yeah i’m gonna rave about them, just a bit, okay a lot. I’ll have those Purdys blushing yet!
So there’s not a ton of pictures here because I don’t need you drooling from hunger. Nah that’s already gonna happen. Sorry! Also there’s only so many things you can do in a chocolate photoshoot.
Now let the hunger begin!

Not only is the packaging LOVELY but see that personalized seal?! Perfection!
Opening the box, you’ll find a hidden gem.
Now we get to the real heart of the box. The chocolates *dreamy sigh* as you can see the lovely brochure is complete with bible verses and descriptions for each decedent flavor!
Here’s a close up of the flavors. My favorites are (yes believe it or not I still have some left) Incomparable Hyssop (a minty one, a classic now), Locusts and Honey, Heriods Wrath (sadly the poprocks aren’t strong in this one but the white chocolate and strawberry is amazing!!!) , Nuts, and lastly faded flowers!
Some of the descriptions where humorous. This caused some laughs among the fam.
The outside of “Nuts”
The gooey camel and nut inside of the above.
Faded flowers, a lavender one. A great favorite of mine.
Locusts and Honey outside. Isn’t it LOVELY?!
Ahhhh the “honeycomb paired with salty peanut butter and a crunchy crust” was just…wowwww *insert heart eye emojis*

Okay sadly I didn’t take any more photos! *sad sigh* but this should be enough to get the idea across. Thanks for coming along for this post, if you think about it please give Justin and Evan some love for these awesome chocolates in the comments!
God bless and stay safe!


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