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Lake Ontario {part 1}

Hello everyone!!! This is the first of who knows how many posts about a trip I took recently!

I went to Lake Ontario with 2 of my cousin and my sister. We had a ton of fun and I got a lot of photos!
That being said I don’t know how many posts are gonna be in this series but stay turned for lots!

We passes some gorgeous land on the way up!
Mini rain storm

This was the road right by our campsite
The road to the beach, it was thankfully not very far from us!
It was about this point that my sister and I started to get REALLY excited, you can see patches of the beach and we hadn’t been to the beach for over 4 years.
And we were pretty stunned!!! Having not seen pictures of lake Ontario we did not expect it to look this close to the ocean.
We arrived right in time for the sunset and boy was it a sight!

“What does the cup of ocean hold?

Glory of purple and glint of gold;

Tenderest greens and heavenly blue,

Shot with the sunlight through and through;

Wayward ripples that idly roam.

Tumbling breakers with gallant foam;

Sands and pebbles that chase and slide;

Mystic currents that softly glide;

Mighty spell of the ages old,

This does the cup of ocean hold.”

The Cup of Ocean
by Amos Russel Wells
I’m a bit upset about how the chair in the background ruined this shot!

Theres the end! I hope you liked this, its the first of quite a few posts about the beach trip! God bless you and stay safe!


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