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Extraordinary homemade chocolates!

Hello everyone! Today i’m sharing something a bit out of the ordinary! Some of my friends recently gave me an AWESOME birthday gift!!! It turns out Justin, Evan, Deirdre and Caleb Purdy have hidden talent which lies in the art of chocolate making!

I was at a party for my lovely and good friend Millie when out of the blue Millie, Corynn (a good friend of Millie’s and now me), Candida (another friend of Millie’s) and I were told to gather around to unearth 2 boxes and a crate. Inside my box, I found mounds of unique handmade fantasy-themed chocolates!!!!! Well if you know me you know I LOVE chocolate and fantasy, so I was rather ecstatic!
To go along with the chocolate was a “guide” which walked you through the chocolate (each themed after different fantasy) by poems!!! I still can hardly believe how ingeniously the poems incorporated the different fandoms as well as the tastes of the kinds of chocolate.

Needless to say, the chocolate was DIVINE and probably the best I’ve ever tasted!!! Never assume you know everything about your friends…you might just be surprised by some chocolate. I’ve also learning poprocks chocolate and a late night mix amazingly…well I guess it depends who you ask there (not Millie and Olivia)

Oh and men just a tip here, chocolate will make a girls day…homemade chocolate will make her year!

If you’re interested in learning about the creation of these lovely delights check out Justins Purdys post about their easter chocolate (which isn’t the same thing but it still similar)

And here you can learn about the creation the the stunning crate top, as well as other resin designs.

Thank you for reading!!! I hope you enjoyed coming along and seeing a glimpse into my life!
God bless you and stay safe!


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