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Lake vacation {part 1}

Hey everyone! I’m back this time with the first part of a (probably) 4 part post. I recently went on vacation to a lake so obviously I had to take like 6000 pictures. The task of going though them was daunting but I’m happy to say they’re sorted! Yay!

The only reason they aren’t more is because I happened to forget my camera battery charger. Good job Heidi.

Today’s post has photos from a early morning (6 am.) expedition to watch the mist on the lake. I also included the photos I got walking back to our lake house. It truly was a wonderful vacation and I’m glad to have spent the week there. ♥

The reflection of the trees on the water.
The sun had just started peeking over the trees and beautifully illuminated the trees on the other side of the lake.

It was the early morning. Nothing stirred. Silence reigned and soft mist gently perched on glossy black waters. The morning light shone coolly though tall oak trees.

A figure sat waiting on the dam. But what was she waiting for? No one could tell.

Suddenly she saw it. What she had been waiting for.

A muddy brown creature crawled out from the tall grass by the water. Laboring intensively the mother snapping turtle scraped her way to a the top of the dam.

The girl dropped down on one knee and clicked the shutter button on a pearly black camera. No sound came from it. She waited a moment, and surveying the screen clicked again.

Meanwhile the snapping turtle was hard at work.

The packed sand was no trouble for her and she quickly got a large hole dug. Then the vision of the girl was obscured. The girl moved on fairy feet to the other side of the turtle. With no sound she pressed the black button again and again.

Then suddenly the snapping turtle was done. She had completed her job and the eggs where now laid. With that she slowly made her way down the bank and with a plop she was gone.

The girl quietly stood and moved to the bench. She didn’t pick up her camera again, but sat and breathed in the pale, luminescent morning.

~An original tale by Heidi Joy

*Note I did not actually see a snapping turtle. If I did I certainly would have gotten photo. However I have seen one before. This tale is what I probably would have done had I seen one.

Lilly pads
These were some tiny baby birds in the yard. Their mother had made a nest in the middle of the yard and this had to be sectioned off.
Lastly my fuffy pup Jeremy.

I loved being able to enjoy the silent morning and it was so calming.

Well there you are. Thanks for sticking with me and please visit again. God bless you and stay safe!


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