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A newborn calf and some adorable goats!

Hi everyone! I’m back with another post. This time I’m sharing some ADORABLE pictures. I recently had the privilege of meeting a newborn calf. I was able to help with the name choice and it ending up being Fraser. He is such a cute little guy!♥

I also have some goat photos for you (some of them are pretty crazy and funny!) and some more randoms photos! I hope you like them cause this is a pretty long post! 😉

I guess I’ll begin this by introducing Abe. He’s not the smartest goat but he makes for cute pictures so I don’t mind.
This photo should explain the hay on this guy in the other photos.
Yup see I told you! Hay all over!
I want to point out this is not Abe; this is Marigold, so not the same goat.
See this? That little rogue was fleeing, after terrifying the poor goats!
Bee bombed!
And here’s Abe acting like a crazy goat. Actually let me amend that he IS a crazy goat.
Bee in the flower! That was a crab apple tree and so pretty!
See that black speck in the corner? If you look close enough you will see that, that is in fact a bee. Yep photo-bombed by a bee!
Ahhhhhh dandelions! ♥♥♥ I just love them, no weed killer for me!
This had got to be one of the most beautiful photo’s I’ve gotten! It’s just so pretty!!!

And now for the big focus! The calf Fraser!♥

Introducing Mama Mary and Baby Fraser!
Sleepy boy!♥

Well there you have it! I know this was a longer post but considering the fact that I took about 500 photo’s you’re lucky you got this many and not more! Thank you for reading and God bless,; please visit again!♥


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