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A Easter post

Hello everyone! The photo’s I have to show you today are mostly flowers, but I have something special at the end. 🙂 So please enjoy and let me know what you think!

These are beautiful pink tulips that we have in our yard.
This is the underside of a gorgeous purple hyacinths.
This has got to be my favorite picture I’ve gotten in a while. I just love it! What do you think? Please comment and let me know.
It took me a while to get the color to be normal looking.
I gotta admit I love photographing trees and their silhouettes. They’re just so neat and pretty.
And here is Chickweed! This is one of my favorite “weeds”. ♥

And now the special photos! I actually credit my awesome cousin and friend Mindy at the blog Girl Of a Different Era (Definitely check it out!) for this idea. I was telling her about how I didn’t have any ideas for a Easter post. So she gave me some ideas about trying to recreate the empty tomb. So that’s just what I did. We have a little rock room at the foot of some stairs at our house and that made the perfect tomb.

Christ is risen!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you appreciated and enjoyed this. So I would love it if you could reply and tell me! As always God bless and stay safe!


4 Replies to “A Easter post”

    1. Thanks! It took some courage crouching in the back of the little room! I was so worried about spiders. *shudders*
      But I love the way it turned out!


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