A walk with the puppies!

Well, these photos are a little old (they are from November), but still adorable. The fluffy black dog is named Cassie. And the little white dog is Jeremy. I hope you enjoy!

Aren’t these duck gorgeous?!
This is such a cool little thing! I saw it and was like “I have to get a pic of that!!” I have named them fairy puffs! 🙂
I caught Cassie in the act of barking happily! (She has a special shrill bark when she’s excited)
Of course I had to get the iPhone style walking doggie shot!
That’s my happy pup!
This makes me think of spring! Mmmmm
This is cooler when it’s edited but hey the originals still good, right?!
Doesn’t this give you a Halloween feel? It’s so spooky!
More trees at dusk
Annnnnndddd more ducks! 😉
More reflections….

Well goodbye for now! I hope you enjoyed seeing these and God bless!

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